Here is an almost complete list of courses taught:

(a) University College Freiburg (language of instruction: English)

“Theory of Knowledge” (2h/week, lecture) – Winter 2019/20

“The philosophy of Kant” (4h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2019/20

“Perspectives on Science” (2h/week, lecture) – Summer 2019

“Models across disciplines” (4h/week, undergraduate seminar), with Simon Büchner – Summer 2019

“International Trade” (4h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2019

“Theory of Knowledge” (2h/week, lecture) – Winter 2018/19

“History of world philosophy” (4h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2018/19

“Economic crises - history, causes, and consequences” (4h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2018/19

(b) University of Freiburg, Philosophy Department (language of instruction: German)

“Heidegger on authenticity” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2019

(c) University of Konstanz, Philosophy Department (language of instruction: German)

“Philosophy of science” (4h/week, lecture) – Summer 2018

“Philosophy of social science” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2018

Research colloquium (2h/week), with Martin Rechenauer – Summer 2018

“Heidegger, Being and Time” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2017/18

“Values in science” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2017/18

“Kant’s political philosophy” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2017/18

“Philosophy of complex systems” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2017

“Philosophy of technology” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2017

“Decision theory” (2h/week, lecture plus tutorial) – Winter 2015/16

“Philosophy of economics” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2015/16

“Scientific realism” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2015

“Induction and confirmation” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2015

“Laws of nature” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2014/15

“Subjectivity and objectivity in economics” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2014/15

“Scientific explanation” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2014

“Scientific models” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2014

“Kant’s philosophy of causality” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2013/14

“Hume and his impact” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2013/14

(d) University of Heidelberg, Philosophy Department (language of instruction: German)

“Causality II” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2011

“Kant, Critique of Practical Reason” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2011

“Causality I” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2010/11

“Kant, Prolegomena” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2010/11

“Popper, Logic of Scientific Discovery” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2010

“Marx, Capital” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2009/10

“American pragmatism” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2009

“Theories of justice” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2009

(e) University of Heidelberg, Economics Department (language of instruction: German)

“History of economic thought II” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2011

“History of economic thought I” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2010/11

“Schumpeter, Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2010

“Philosophy of economics” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2009/10

“Liberalism and communitarianism” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2009